The Endowment Fund is supplying a mixture of seeds for winter cover crops adapted to lavender and lavandin crops.
In 2024:
The first bag you order is FREE!
• For each additional bag, a contribution of around €20, i.e. only 20% to 30% of the actual cost of the mix, will be payable by the producer. Actual cost for 1 bag between ~ €70 (conventional) and ~ €95 (organic).
The seed bags will be supplied by the PERRET/PRODIA group and will be available in their shops from June.
• Packaging: 25kg bag
• Sowing rate: 30kgminimum to cover one hectare of lavender / lavandin, sowing 60cm wide between the rows.
Technical support from a technician from your local chamber or Agribio04

How to ORDER?

Before April 12, 2024:
Fill in the following online form
(Estimated response time: 3 minutes)

or contact the Fund ( indicating:

    • Your contact details
    • The number of organic and/or conventional bags required
    • If you are an organic farmer
    • Your total lavender and lavandin area
    • Your nearest Perret/Prodia shop.

You need to place an order even if you only want one bag.

For more details:Commande_SEMENCES_COUVERTS_FONDS SPLP_2024