“Lavender is
the soul of Provence”

Jean Giono

the Endowment Fund
“Safeguarding the Lavender Heritage in Provence »

Since 2012, the Endowment Fund “Safeguarding the Lavender Heritage in Provence” collects donations for research and development programs aiming to find ecological solutions to preserve lavender .
Its mission is to raise funds to adapt production methods to current climate, environmental and social challenges.

We also aim to raise awareness of the risks of lavender dying out in Haute-Provence, in partnership with a number of local players and organisations.

It is by encouraging the commitment of all the players in the region that we will succeed in meeting the challenge.

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Safeguarding the Lavender Heritage in Provence

Why does Lavender need to adapt?

Lavender growing in Provence must adapt due to climate change and disease causing premature dieback in the fields.

Production methods also need to evolve in order to offer more environmentally -friendly solutions throughout the lavender life cycle, from the production of the plant to its processing into essential oil.

Finally, lavender is faced with an ever-changing regulatory landscape, requiring knowledge and expertise to rapidly evolve.

Picture © Alexandra VINOZZI



The Endowment Fund is supplying a mixture of seeds for winter cover crops adapted to lavender and lavandin crops. In 2024: •The first bag you order is FREE! • For each additional bag, a contribution of around €20, i.e. only 20% to 30% of the actual cost of the mix, will be payable [...]

Best wishes 2024

The SPLP Endowment Fund wishes you all the best for the New Year! 2024 promises to be a year rich in projects to preserve lavender and we look forward to working with all our sponsors and partners again.