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Green & Lavandes

The aim of the GREEN & LAVANDES program is to improve the environmental impact of lavender and lavandin throughout their entire life cycle, right up to the production of essential oil.

Target for 2030: reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel consumption in the lavender and lavandin sectors by 50%.

Our actions focus on 3 areas:

The program’s main actions:

Cultivation techniques (plant cover crops, agroforestry, farmer training, etc.)
Distillation (development of a new technology named “ecovaporator” to reduce energy consumption)
Harvesting (development of a 3-row “Espieur” harvester to reduce the volumes transported and distilled by harvesting only the flowers)

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– Simplified review 2019-2022 & outlook

– Full review 2019-2022& outlook

– Technical report on a 3-year experiment on plant cover crops


Starting in 2023, the ANTIGONE (AssessiNg volaTIle orGanic cOmpouNd from lavEnders) program is an ambitious research project, which is the subject of a PhD at the Institut de Chimie de Nice.

Its aims:

– improve knowledge of volatile organic compound emissions from lavender plants

– provide robust scientific arguments in a demanding regulatory context.

Our initiative so far

Planting and monitoring on 85 hectares over 3 years to improve our knowledge of the most effective techniques for combating dieback, in collaboration with 27 growers.

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• Supply of 66 “bee-repellent” kits to protect bees from being caught up in harvesting machines (over 3,200 hectares).

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Creation of 4 Lavender varieties from Haute Provence:
Good quality / Decay tolerant / Agronomically efficient

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Research into chemical interactions between the phytoplasma (disease), the leafhopper (vector) and lavender with the EUCLIDE program.

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