Tuesday June 18th: 🌺 General Assemble of the Endowment Fund “Safeguarding the Lavender Heritage in Provence » at Saint-Auban-sur-l’Ouvèze in the Drôme, hosted by the Bontoux company.

The event provided an opportunity to share the progress made by all the programs of the Endowment Fund “Safeguarding the Lavender Heritage in Provence » 📌 Green&Lavandes program, which aims at improving 🌺 the environmental impact 🍃 of the entire lavender life cycle:
👉 Denis Vernet of the GIEE’essensol, talking about the development of plant cover and his producer’s view,
👉 presentation by a producer Michel Bressand of a new prototype “espieur” type harvester that harvests only the lavender flowers and cuts energy consumption during distillation by 30%. Tests to come this summer.

👉presentation by Virgile Desfosses, on behalf of the Endowment Fund, of the actions taken and to be taken to reduce energy consumption and eventually decarbonise distillation.

📌 ANTIGONE program (AssessiNg volaTIle orGanic cOmpouNd from lavEnder) which aims to assess the Volatile Organic Compounds emitted by Lavender and provide robust and new data for future regulations on essential oils:
👉 Introduction by ANGELINI Eric from MANE and presentation of doctoral work by Albane Noël, doctoral student at the Institut de Chimie de Nice/Université Côte d’Azur.

📌 Research program on alternative control solutions for the pest, cecidomyie
👉 Presentation of the state of research and future actions by Quentin RUBY from CRIEPPAM

The day ended with an explanation of the workings of a Espieur harvester and a tour of the lavender fields.

Thank you to all the speakers and participants.

Thank you to all our sponsors for their support CHANEL, DSM-Firmenich, L’OCCITANE Group, Fondation Givaudan, MANE, Bontoux, BIOLANDES, TERRITOIRE DE PROVENCE, Act For Planet Delta Electricité Electronique Etudes (D3E), terre d’Oc , Le comptoir de l’Alchimiste, Hôtel Charembeau.

Finally, a big thank you to Bontoux and its teams for hosting the General Assemblee on their premises and for the day’s logistics.